What we do and don't do.

We provide a great alternative to kennels.

We provide high quality dog holiday-care in the homes of our dog-loving minders. We have a small team of minders and will carefully match your dog with the most appropriate minder. Our minder will care for your dog as their own while you are away.  

Our minders welcome Dogs Holiday Havens dogs inside their home, including at night. They give their 'guests' lots of attention and take them for daily walks, according to the dog's needs. They continue their guest's normal meal routines and diets, and are happy to provide simple, routine medications if necessary. 

Dogs Holiday Havens provides 24-hour support to our team of minders. If anything goes wrong, for example a minder needs to go to hospital, we will step in to ensure the ongoing safety, care and comfort of your dog. This is rare, but we're ready for it if it happens.

What we don't do

We don't mass-board dogs in family homes. Often your dog will be the only 'guest' in a minder's home. 

We don't generally provide care for dogs that are 'outside' dogs, or dogs that are not well-socialised with other dogs. 

We don't provide holiday care for dogs who are ill or infirm (for example due to very old age), unless this is negotiated on a case-by-case basis. If you are seeking holiday care for a dog who is ill or infirm, please expect to pay extra to cover the extra care they require.