Becoming a minder

Dogs Holiday Havens is very fussy when it comes to taking on new minders. We have a small team of minders who we trust to provide the highest-quality care.

If you and your home meet the high standards we insist on, its likely we will welcome you to our team.

How special do you have to be to be a Dogs Holiday Havens minder?

The absolute, non-negotiable requirements are:

  1. You must love dogs. Really love dogs.
  2. You must have a safe and secure home and fully-fenced yard. Really safe and secure.
  3. You must be experienced and capable of providing high-quality care for dogs in your home. Really good care.
  4.  You must love the idea of providing a safe and loving holiday home to other people's dogs, as a great alternative to kennels.
  5.  You must be happy to walk dogs in your care every day.

Its best, but not essential, that you work part-time or less, and have a driver's licence.

Being a minder isn't ideal if you have very young children at home, but great if you have school-aged children who know how to behave with dogs.

What do our minders get out of it?

  • Dogs Holiday Havens minders get to specify the types of dogs they want to mind and when. There is never any pressure to accept a booking and you get to meet all dogs and their people before confirming a booking. 

  • We pay our minders between $16.00 and $17.50 per dog per day, depending on whether its a repeat booking or not. That means if you have a pair of dogs for five days (a common length of stay), you will be paid between $160 and $175. Its not a 'get rich quick' scheme, but its great extra money doing something you love with very little inconvenience. 

  • There are no costs to our minders, except perhaps some petrol to drive to the dog park. Owners provide their dog's food, bedding and anything else their dog might need, and are responsible for any unreasonable damage the dog causes.

How to become a minder

If you are interested in becoming a minder, or finding out more, please email us at or phone us on 0457 600 722 (note, after-hours calls work best for us).