Making a booking

To make a booking or find out more, please email or phone us on 0457 600 722 (note, evening phone calls work best for us).

We carefully match your dog to a minder. To do that we require new customers to fill in a Dog Details Form and a Person Details Form. New customers must also sign an Owners Agreement.

Click the above links to download these forms. We can also email or post these forms to you.

The main steps in the process are:

  1. You complete and return the forms
  2. We match your dog with a minder out of our small team of minders
  3. You and your dog visit the minder at their home to check everyone is happy with the arrangements
  4. You confirm the booking by paying the required deposit as per your invoice
  5. You pack your dog's holiday bag, with his/her bed, lead, vaccination certificate, food and any other necessary items.