How we do it

When you make your first booking with Dogs Holiday Havens, we provide booking forms for you to complete. We use the information you provide to allocate a potential minder. The things we consider in order of priority are:

  1. Your dog's needs
  2. Minder availability and preferences
  3. Your location. 

We  provide information about your dog to the potential minder. If the minder wants to go ahead, we give you their contact details so you can arrange a time to visit with your dog.

After a successful 'pre-visit', the booking is confirmed and we send an invoice with payment details. 

We leave it to you and the minder to arrange drop-off and pick up times suitable to both parties. Generally we expect drop off and pick up times to be between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm, but some minders are flexible.

While you are away, you are welcome to contact the minder to find out how your dog's holiday is going. 

For repeat bookings, we try to allocate the same minder to your dog. This makes things easy for you, the minder and your dog, and will help your dog and the minder form strong bonds.

If something goes wrong

We are serious about keeping your dog safe and helping your dog feel loved and comfortable while you are away.

Dogs Holiday Havens provides 24-hour support to our minders. If something goes wrong, for example the minder gets sick and can't care for your dog, we step in to help as necessary. Our minders know they can contact us any time.